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Some thoughts after a visit from family, with photo links, timely advice and a punch line....

Limitations and Junk Food

We just had a great 9-day visit from granddaughter and food critic Jackie, plus two weekends with daughter Cathy, a health care worker in central Florida.  

When I was younger I had a tendency to stick my nose -- or my two cents -- in where it was neither wanted nor warranted, but I mostly got over that as I approached middle age several decades ago, thank goodness.  I still had strong concerns and opinions, however, with few options for expressing them, certainly not by lecturing my grown kids and our neighbors!   I mostly try to butt out of my grown children's lives.

One of many reasons for this website was from observing the diets of friends, neighbors and young children in the family - and the desire to have some influence and input about the average (in my opinion, terrible) American diet.

One thing I've become convinced of is that training of children must be started very  young, because as teenagers, you'll have little influence on their morals, habits, friends or diets.  Thank goodness, Jackie is a great (nearly grown) kid and I'm delighted she's my granddaughter. 

Jackie's involved in several volunteer programs (see Tiger, Tiger) and her school started in early August, plus Cathy's work was demanding, so this was the only week they could come.  It was not an optimal time.  We were behind with things due to care and training, spaying and ear trimming of a new puppy with bi-weekly vet trips, a sewage backup and two air conditioner failures in rental properties (not a good thing in Florida, believe me) and the end of month deadlines for my business

Having struggled with Jackie's eating peculiarities in past years, she was informed that I wasn't going to have much time to cook, I was going to do so as usual for Grandpa Floyd and myself, she could have any of it she wanted and otherwise, at fifteen, she was old enough to shift for herself, plus, I added hopefully, "...please try to include some healthy stuff in your diet too."  Her mother had left her some cash, I told her I'd give her more if she ran out, and four grocery stores are within a block's range.

On the fifth afternoon, Jackie was wandering around the kitchen opening and closing cupboards and scowling.  "What's the matter," I asked.

"Granny, you don't have NEARLY enough junk food in this house!"

Oh, well......

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