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For family members, or if you like dogs and camping, here's a vacation update from my brother Lloyd, with pictures.

Hi Bess,

I was at your website printing the recipe for the Spicy Lemon Baked Shrimp (I get your newsletter at work, but didn't take the time to print the recipe). While there, I went to your pets link for a browse and noticed the pictures of Kyle with his puppy from a year ago, so I thought I'd update you on her.

Nikki has turned out to be quite a nice little dog.  She has only reached 45 pounds at a little over a year old and it looks like she will top out at maybe 50-55 pounds. She is extremely playful and loves to chase a ball.  She also loves to run and will easily stay with me (and more) when I do my 8-10 mile circuit on my roller blades.  She is an really happy dog and just looks like she is having fun all the time. 

The  most unique thing though -- she really likes watching television. It started with her paying attention to animals on TV over last winter, especially dogs and horses. She loved the movie Seabiscuit.  We can turn on the Animal Planet channel on cable and she'll sit in front of the TV and watch even when we are not in the room. She gets especially agitated with the "animal precinct" shows when they have a story about puppies that they are rescuing.  She runs back and forth between the TV and us as if to ask us to do something.  When we turn the TV off she whines at us and stares at the blank screen.  I've never had a dog that watched TV and I wonder if this is common?  Our older German Shepherd pays attention to sounds generated by the TV and even barks at doorbell sounds on the it, but has never seemed to understand what the images are about.   

Lastly, Kyle and I just got back from a eight day canoeing/portaging/camping trip to the Quetico Provincial park in Ontario. It is a remote canoeing and camping area that is verboten to motorized traffic.  We took Nikki along and she could get back to her wild side.  Since it is so remote (we saw no people from Monday through Friday after we had canoed in about 30 miles) we could just let her run free.  We did some fishing (see the picture) and had fun, but Nikki was in her glory -- she really had great fun.  I will say that having a wet dog in a three man (or two man one dog?) tent on a rainy day/night is an interesting experience that everyone should experience a least once.

Click to enlarge Photos of Lloyd & Kyle's Camping Trip:

Sue Falls

Kyle's Pike

Kyle's Trout

Lloyd, I assume you all three enjoyed the "fruits" of Kyles labors.  Yum!

My dogs will sometimes react to sounds on TV - screaming or barking - but the only animal I have that watched TV, especially when she was younger,was my cat, Sadie.  Sh was extremely cautious about strange dogs, and when there's one on TV, she'd jump up on my desk or table, absolutely fixated on the screen, then look at me with huge eyes from time to time with her mouth open and go "Haaaah", whatever that means.  She wouldn't lose interest until the dogs go away.  She was also transfixed by birds on television.

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