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Kitchen Philosophy

Someone asked, "How can a kitchen be sneaky?"  I've had another comment or two about how far we stray from food and recipes.

When my kids were small, not only did I sneak good nutrition into their food, but learning and values as well.  My kids had to help in the kitchen, both with preparation and cleanup, and that gave us a chance to talk.  We also discussed everything under the sun at the table while eating.

Lots of times my children played games or did puzzles at the kitchen table while I worked.  Or wrote poems, or did messy projects involving things that had to be washed up after - and what better place than the kitchen. 

Now that our kids are grown and have homes of their own, I still sneak nutrition into our food.  Cooking and cleanup also gives me time to think, something that isn't possible when I'm talking with customers, packing orders or working on the computer.  I've been known to turn off the stove, abandon a meal and take to the web to write something up when inspiration hits.

So my kitchen is still sneaky.  And since the kitchen is the heart of the home, anything can happen there, just as it can in our website. 



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