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Aboard the Queen Elizabeth
By Hilda Graham   

<<<...Previous   The next morning at breakfast everything went fine and lunch went off pretty well, and as I stated before we all had the same thing so no problems for our stewards.

We had a great time during the day. They had a string orchestra in the afternoon and served dainty sandwiches with coffee and tea. Sheila and I enjoyed listening to the music and being waited on. We were finally beginning to relax and walked out on deck the weather seemed to be clearing. What a relief we felt we were well on our way and intended to enjoy ourselves. The children had found the playroom and they were given special treats.

Later we all went to our cabins and rested for awhile soon it was time to dress for dinner. We had found out on previous trips that if you watched what the officers were wearing it gave you the idea if it was going to be a formal affair. If they were wearing their dress white uniforms it would be formal. I do not mean to give the impression that we were all to show up wearing evening dresses but sporty clothes would have been frowned on. Also, remember this was before women had started wearing pants, especially to dinner. Sheila and I had packed so we would be prepared for these occasions. I had made my daughters some cute dresses and the boys had nice pants and shirts, so they looked smart.   (Oh mothers pride.) <G>

So here we go to dinner as usual we all ordered the same thing. Now here we go again - all was well, but when Sheila was served and she reached over to cut Stevens food, lo and behold she did the same thing and also forgot her British etiquette. Consequently her plate was removed. Ha! She glared at me and I shrugged my shoulders and waited. She beckoned her steward and was given the same reproach I had received, but then as I said, you do not get Sheila upset.

When the steward was explaining she whispered something in his ear. He looked shocked and embarrassed then brought her plate back. When he was gone I asked her what in the world she had said that had seemed to upset him so much?  She told me that she had threatened to stick her fork in his hand if he ever did that again. Believe me he did not. 

Things seemed to be going smoothly; no one got seasick, the weather was beautiful one could not ask for more.  Sheila and I were really enjoying being waited on -  no housework or cooking - oh, what a life.  We lounged around on the deck and the children were having a great time what could go wrong?  We soon found out when we went to find the two youngest boys who had been gone for some time.  We went to look for them.  They had said something about playing shuffle board on the upper deck.  Now remember Steven was not quite 4 years old and Edward was 6 years old.  They seemed to have adjusted to life aboard ship and kept themselves entertained, but as you know, boys will be boys.  So we got a little suspicious they had been gone longer than usual.

We found them having a wonderful time.  There they were.  As we approached and started up the stairs to where they were something came whizzing down from above, Sheila and I were both startled, what the heck!!  We looked at the floor below and there lay one of the pucks from the shuffleboard game.  We looked up to see our two little angels dropping them and laughing, thinking this was fun.  All we could think was “Thank God” there were very few passengers around and evidently there was no one hurt. Needless to say we did not see the humor in this and after giving the boys a good tongue lashing.  We took each to their respective cabins, I might add, lecturing them all the way, and told them they were grounded for the rest of the morning. 
Edward did suggest it would be hard to ground them as we were at sea - for this he got extra time in the cabin.  Both boys were again reminded what a reckless thing they were doing as someone could have been hurt.  I also told Edward he should have been setting a better example for Steven who was younger than he.  By this time I believe they both got the picture and did say they were sorry and would never do this again. ...More >>>

Copyright 2005 Hilda Graham

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