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More Stories - The Way We Were

Aboard the Queen Elizabeth
By Hilda Graham   

<<<...Previous  It scared me to death with Linda having surgery and Eddie in the hospital and me not there.  I called Don later in the day and he told me Eddie's temperature had returned to normal and at that time they did not know what caused it.  He stayed in the hospital about two days and then went home and stayed off work for a couple more days.  We never did find out exactly what caused this problem.

Back to Linda: she was delighted to see everybody again.  Also I had an aunt and cousins who lived in Kettering so Linda was well entertained being spoiled by family and nursing staff.  When we asked the doctors how long they would keep Linda in the hospital, they said 2 weeks.  Well, we were to leave and be in Southampton in 12 days so they said they would keep her there and give her extra medication, and we could pick her up from the hospital on our way back to Southampton.  We had to go through Kettering so this was no problem. I think Linda was pleased being the center of attention she was visited by family regularly.

Auntie Doris and neighbors stayed about four days.  It was great to be able to see them again, so in between visits with Linda we did some more local sightseeing.  There was a big park in Kettering so we picnicked there and the children enjoyed all the rides etc.


Soon the day came for us to leave and for us to say all our good-byes again.  More tears, but yet we were looking to being back home with Eddie who was feeling much better by now.  Also soon school would be starting; not so sure the children were thrilled about that. When we got to the hospital my aunt and cousins were there saying their good-byes, as well as all the nursing staff. When I went to the office to have Linda dismissed, I asked about the bill and they said there were no charges.  What a surprise this was as I did have insurance but I did not argue with them.  We made the trip to Southampton.  My brother and father drove us there and saw us on the ship where it was great to see Sheila and her family again. They also had a wonderful time.


The trip back on the ship was as great as the one going over.  One of the stewards was the same as we had before and we asked where the other steward was, to which he replied with a grin: "Funny, right after that last trip you were on he had a breakdown and was committed to the mental institution," I might add he was grinning all the time.


Those of you who wondered how we got back without the trailer, I left lots of clothes for my nieces and nephews as our children had outgrown them, thus leaving a large trunk behind. I managed with two suitcases, and with Eddie not being able to come on this trip made one less adult. Poor Don managed to pack all the cases in the back of the car as this was a large three seat model with the rear seat facing the back. We made a pallet on top of these cases where a couple of the smaller children could lay and take naps. By now we had gotten used to being crowded, what with riding so much in the smaller cars in England. Also Don had figured out a much better way to come back, as he had to do all the driving. When we finally reached Texas and stopped for breakfast, they asked if it would be all right to eat the bacon with their fingers since they were now back in Texas <GRIN>.


Finally when we got back to Midland Sheila asked Steve if he knew where he was and he replied "I'm here in the back of Hilda's station wagon". Finally the end!!! 


Copyright 2005 Hilda Graham

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