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A Sneaky Snack Story

An email from Leigh, in Bowie, Md.

"Some of my children aren't crazy about vegetables, (imagine that).   So I know the ones that they turn their noses up at when I cook them.  I get out my Lazy Susan and put in baby carrots, broccoli, cauliflower and cucumbers.  In the middle I put ranch dressing, their favorite, and let them go at it.  I do this either for a snack or at dinner time.  They dip and get healthy at the same time.

"When children are served smaller portions and allowed to eat on the go, it goes better.  Try this too with fruit, and put vanilla yogurt in the middle to dip.  Strawberries, orange slices, grapes, apples, etc. and the fuss is taken out of fussy eaters. 

"I have found in relation to other foods,  that finger food like fish sticks or chicken nuggets go over better than meat that has to be cut up and served.

"Good luck, and sit back and watch."

Thanks, Leigh.  This is a real sneaky idea to get more veggies and fruits into the reluctant eaters! 

Drag out those dusty Lazy Susans or Tupperware serving centers, people, clean them up and put them to good use. 

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