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A query from a reader About the Author of this site.

One of Ann Landers readers wrote to her about a possible reason for food avoidance and dislikes.

Is there a terrorist in your kitchen?  Not all saboteurs wear trench coats, carry dangerous weapons and slink around in the night.   In fact, you can find one in many households.

Why the Sneaky Kitchen?   The seed of the idea was actually planted years before the Internet became a household word.

An Ann Landers' reader tells a story about a house guest who was a really picky eater, and gives her solution.

Be sure there isn't a valid reason your child refuses to eat certain foods.  S. K.  learned that lesson the hard way!

Looking for an easy way to burn more calories?    Read the tongue-in-cheek solution offered by Lloyd from Neenah, Wisconsin.

Is It the Eggplant or the Idea?   A tale about a granddaughter and a  mystery food.

Did you ever wonder what toasters used to look like?  A short history of toast and toasters with links to vintage machines in Toasty History.

The months of summer fly by and so do the years.  Before you know it your are harvesting the last of summer's vegetables.  Read Wedding Time and Summer's End.

Karen Danielson is "Back in the Saddle", and offers a great recipe for Halupkies.  What are they?  Take a look!

Read about the Orange Blossom Special, Florida holidays, citrus trees in trouble and some nostalgic looks back in time.

I wouldn't say that Karen Danielson is exactly a rolling stone, but she's on a roll, or at least on the move, and has a tale to tell about cabbage rolls as she introduces two great new recipes for salsa and homemade tostitos.

It's time to cook with Karen Danielson. See her story.  She offers the best Chicken a la King ever!

Are you already trying to figure out what to get your Dad for on his special day?  Here's a story with a suggestion that's worth a million and is straight from the heart.  It's not too late for the ultimate Father's Day gift.

Remember some of the mortifying gaffes you made when you first started to cook?  What we need is a kinder, gentler kitchen.

Read about an early morning shock:  Breakfast Surprise!

Every Mother's Day we reflect on the valuable lessons learned at our mothers' sides, from beating egg whites to peeling potatoes.  Now, imagine if your mother were Marcella Hazan, the godmother of Italian cooking in America!

A Sneaky Snack Story from Leigh, in Bowie, Md.

Write your story: about sneaky ways to get better nutrition into your kids or other family members,  tell how someone learned to like a previously shunned food.   Share ways that you save money or time while providing a healthy diet, or any other story of life.

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