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More Stories - The Way We Were

Researching for recipes from Hilda Graham's story, I found an absolutely precious memoir of a coal miner, Thomas Yates, 1893 - 1978,  from childhood to shortly before his death.  This is well worth reading, folks, and I have permission to reproduce it soon.  It spans from the still-primitive era of the Industrial Revolution to the dawn of the computer age.

Good things sometimes come out of terrible ones.  Let me assure you very younger ones that WWII was truly terrible, as were many other wars.  Compared, the Gulf War and the Afghanistan were a piece of cake.  Hilda has just celebrated her 58th wedding anniversary, and has a very interesting story to tell about her courtship and wedding.  Take the important things to heart, gals (and guys) before you blow thousands on a "perfect" wedding, agonize over every little imperfection, and/or alienate a bunch of friends and family in the process.  Will you still be happily married after 58 years like Hilda?

Joy and grief, life and death, are only two sides of the same coin.  Read How I Killed Two People with my Accordion.

Find natural peanut butter a pain?  Here's a healthier solution:  Whipped Peanut Butter.  And read why, in Peanuttiest Solution?

As we remember 9/11 of last year, read Walter Mill's piece, written last year, On the Soccer Field in Late September.  Grasp the good moments, folks.... you never know when you'll need them.

Read Kids and Cars  for a short tutorial and a story.  Bet it strikes a chord with you too.

A correction on a story about "Auntamee" and some fabulous photos from my Uncle Bob Hine:  Flowers and Geese.

Here's a tribute by Dan Lummuka. writing in the Finger Lakes Community Newspaper,  to Aunt Jeanette, my Uncle Bob's wife; she was a funny, courageous, loving and altogether wonderful lady.  See photos and story at  "Jeanette:  Last Laugh".  

It's true that beauty takes all forms, depending on the eye of the beholder and the memories behind the view.  To me the most beautiful area on earth is western New York State.  But how it snows!  Some reminiscence, a gorgeous photo and links to more.

Maybe you have to be over thirty to enjoy this tale of The Commodore & the Kaleidoscope, but if younger, read it anyway for enlightenment and a warning.

Someone wrote into the Forum on Allapattah to ask about the history of Wynwood.

In Miami, Cubans toast the New Year with 12 red grapes and a plastic "champagne" glass of sidra, a low-alcohol fizzy drink that even the children partake of.  Read about New Year's Customs and a free booklet.

This is a Powerful Time of Year,  a period when people tend to make resolutions and decide to make new starts.  It's also an excellent time for people to reflect on grudges, forgive slights.  And a bit of Hine family history.

Granddaughter Jackie, who lives in a small town in mid-Florida, sent me a gift of sorts, a descriptive essay she turned in to her English Honors II class on my birthday, October 12th.  I'd like to share The Streets of Miami with you.

Write your story: about sneaky ways to get better nutrition into your kids or other family members,  tell how someone learned to like a previously shunned food.   Share ways that you save money or time while providing a healthy diet, or any other story of life.

































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