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More Stories - The Way We Were

Our grown children - and both of us - remember this as the Best 12 Day of Christmas Ever.  There's a lesson to be learned here, too.

The anniversary of the Flight 103 air crash tragedy in Great Britain is coming up, on December 21st.   Hilda Graham tells about her visit to the memorial of those who lost their lives to this act of terrorism in "My Visit to Lockerbee".

Digging up old bones in Tompkins County, NY.

This is Eddie, Hilda Graham`s husband.  Here is my memory of Hilda & Yvonnes 's voyage from England to America in 1946.

Here's another story from contributor Hilda Graham, with more to come from her husband later on:  After the Wedding.

Walter Mills, one of the owners of Recipe du Jour which offers the greatest newsletters, reminisces about past summers, movies and theaters in old Miami; Summer Then and Now.

When author Cynthia Macgregor forwarded the piece about why women take so much longer than men in the rest rooms, entitled "The Stance", it reminded me of a funny toilet incident from my childhood.   Since I decided to "let it all hang out" in this website, I'll fess up to Public Toilets and Private Moments.

Clark Gable?  Or just a fable?  See this wartime story about the star of Gone with the Wind, by contributor Hilda Graham.

Ponce de Leon was looking in the wrong place for the elusive fountain of youth.  Read "The Body Remembers" by Walter Mills, published in Recipe du Jour's great newsletter and reprinted by permission.

Comments and recollections on The War from contributor Hilda Graham.

A story about a lost snowsuit and a wonderful jacket with pockets!  Also another poem from Great-Aunt Amelia's scrapbook, from an age when little boys wore dresses until a "certain age" and girls NEVER wore trousers:  Pockets!

A new and amusing story from Hilda Graham: My First Trip Home to England.

From Rich Rowand of Recipe du Jour, who writes, "Why, When I was Young...."

Carol left some T-bone steaks out overnight by mistake.  Can she still eat them safely?  This brings to mind the difference between spoiled meat and aged beef, and a story about food and top secret trips, High Dudgeon.

Hilda Graham's mishaps should make it on Funniest Home Videos.  Here's a story you shouldn't miss:  A Very Recent Wedding Experience.

Stressed over the holidays?  Trying to get everything just right?  Worrying over relatives that you feel put you down, or that intimidate you?  Depressed, repressed and generally obsessed?  Put it in perspective.  You must read this absolutely beautiful story from my cousin Ginny:  A Christmas Message.

Here's a great bit with memories of Lancashire, England, links to great recipes and some history, from Hilda Graham:  Remember When?

Write your story: about sneaky ways to get better nutrition into your kids or other family members,  tell how someone learned to like a previously shunned food.   Share ways that you save money or time while providing a healthy diet, or any other story of life.

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