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Karen Danielson stirs things up

We're so proud of contributor Karen Danielson.  As reported in their electronic campus newspaper at the college where she heads the student clinic, Karen appeared on television, presenting some of her healthy recipes.   The article reads:

"For Director of Student Health Services Karen Danielson, one of the best ways to make someone feel better is to feed them, and feed them well.

Danielson, an RN, will be featured on the public television program "WQED Cooks," which airs from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Feb. 10.  She will appear on the "I is For Italian" segment.  Viewers of the cooking show had the opportunity to send in recipes, some of which will be published in a cookbook.

The lifelong cook, a resident of the city for the past 30 years, sent in about 10 recipes, chosen from her collection that she’s compiling for her own cookbook, one that she hopes to publish herself for family and friends by the end of the summer.

When producers called Danielson, who has worked in **** since 1976, they were especially interested in her recipe with Heart-Healthy Alfredo Sauce.

This isn’t the first time Danielson’s recipes have brought her attention. She has had recipes published in the "Too Busy to Cook" section of the July 1987 issue of Bon Appetit magazine and in several Bon Appetit cookbooks. Danielson also is a contributor of culinary creations to the web site

The WQED cookbooks, fund-raising items for the station, will sell for $50.   Included in the cost is a membership to WQED and a one-year subscription to Pittsburgh Magazine."

Also featured in the newspaper was one of her recipes, Skinny Chicken and Vegetable Fettuccine Alfredo.      The above article also appeared in three area newspapers, so Karen had a big moment of fame, one that's well deserved.

The TV show went off very well, Karen reports.   She received a number of compliments, including, for instance, this one which was added to our guest book from Bob R.: 

"Hi.  I made the Alfredo Sauce yesterday and was surprised how easy and tasty.  Recipe was in the Butler Eagle.  Thanks."

Another, from Pandora G. McNatt: 

"Thanks for appearing on WQED's "I is for Italian" cooking marathon.  My husband Richard and I enjoyed your presentation of your Alfredo sauce recipe. And, in addition to making a wonderful looking and healthful pasta, you managed to say so much about your cooking approach, your work at **** College, etc.!  WQED re-ran the "I is for Italian" cooking marathon yesterday, and this time I taped it.  My husband and I looked at it again today (watched your presentation twice).  We are looking forward to trying the Alfredo sauce soon, and now that a search of the web has disclosed "The Sneaky Kitchen," we'll be back here again looking for more of your recipes.  Keep up your good work, and please let us know when your cookbook is available."

Stay tuned for more of Karen's great recipes!

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