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Hilda Graham's mishaps should make it on Funniest Home Videos.  Here's a story you shouldn't miss. 

A Very Recent Wedding Experience

Something funny always seems to happen at our weddings.  (See Our Wedding Day.)  Here is the newest. 

First, Eddie is doing much better after his major surgery in July.  I must tell you one funny thing, Eddie lost a lot of weight and one of our grandsons got married Saturday the 9th.  Well, we had not thought to have Eddie try his suit for the wedding.  Oh, what a mistake - the pants were too big in the waist.

hildas_wedding.jpg (42560 bytes)I made the wedding cake and the groom's cake.  We had to get them to the reception hall before the wedding.  Eddie suggested we could pick up a pair of suspenders after we delivered the cakes on the way to the church.  He figured he could hitch up his pants until we got the cakes to where the reception was to be held.  Click photo to enlarge.

Big mistake!  The cakes were pretty big and it took both his hands to carry them into the reception hall.  On the first trip, carrying the largest tier of the wedding cake, his pants slipped down to his knees.  I was petrified.  Oh, my God, what could I do?  No time to repair any damage done to the cake... thank heaven he did not drop it.  I was behind him carrying the top tier.  Oh, what to do?

There happened to be a caterer in the parking lot and he saw what was going on, and he did grin.  For there was Eddie standing with his legs straddled, afraid to move.  The young man went and took the cake from Eddie and carried it into the hall for us, and also helped me to get the rest of the cake.  Thinking back, of course, it was so funny!

By now it was getting a little late and we had to get to the church.  There was a Wal-Mart store on the way to the church, so I decided to run in and get a pair of suspenders.  We could put them on the pants while Eddie stood outside the car and I could clip them on the back.  Since he was wearing a jacket they wouldn't show.  I got in the store which as usual was crowded, but I did manage to get someone to help me find suspenders.  They were Dickie brand in two colours, beige and red.   I got the beige pair, managed to get to a register and pay for them. 

Eddie got out of the car and took his jacket off.  In the meantime I had got the d**mn suspenders off the board they were attached to, and was going to fasten them on the back of his pants, when to my horror I discovered they had to hook onto a belt.  The pants were made without a belt - no loops - just sort of a short belt in the front.  No way would those suspenders work.  Time was running out, no time to go home.  Eddie said he could manage somehow to hold up his pants as we walked down the aisle; we were part of the wedding party and all had been rehearsed.  I was in a real panic by now but prayed under my breath that we could manage.  Eddie said we could stop by the house after the wedding before going to the reception and he could put on a pair of grey dress pants which he knew would fit and would look alright with his black jacket. 

When we arrived at the church some of our daughters and granddaughters were outside, and said some of the people were running a little late due to road closings because of floods we had experienced.  That had made it impossible to drive through the water, which was still too high, so they had to detour.  I said a blessing for this delay.  I immediately explained to my children what had happened.  They laughed their heads off but between them they came up with three large pins and we managed to pin the pants to his shirt.  God was with us as we managed to walk down the aisle without Eddie dropping his pants.

They arranged for our pictures, which were to be made with the bride and groom, to be made first so we would have time to leave the church, go home, have Eddie change pants and get to the reception in time to assemble the cakes before too many of the guests got there.  No one noticed Eddie's new colour scheme. (G)

All's well that ends well.  A good time was had by all.  I have to fatten Eddie or he will have to buy some new pants!

Copyright Hilda (always in trouble) Graham 11-11-2002

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