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Why the Sneaky Kitchen?

The seed of an idea for the Sneaky Kitchen was actually planted years before the Internet became a household word.  It began long ago after reading something in the Miami Herald.   A writer was telling her story, in a series of articles, about how her husband was diagnosed with very high cholesterol, high blood pressure and significant artery clogging, etc.  This was at a time when cholesterol-lowering drugs, heart bypasses, angioplasty and the rest of the radical "remedies" were still a gleam in doctors' eyes. 

The woman was desperate to follow medical recommendations for a better life style.    Her husband, however, who apparently felt betrayed by his body and was stuck in his ways, was intent on keeping on smoking and eating his favorite foods until it was "his time to go".

His wife wanted him around for a good long while and was unwilling to see him continue to dig his grave with his teeth.  So she began a clandestine campaign to improve his diet.   This wasn't easy since Mr. Gravedigger refused all but his traditional favorite fatty, salty foods!  One outstanding extreme example was his breakfast preference for scrambled eggs.  She loudly cracked the eggs on the side of the mixing bowl, dropped the shells prominently on the counter, slipped the eggs down the sink drain and stealthily poured egg substitute into the mixing bowl.  Apparently he never caught on.

I thought to myself, "What a sneaky way to run a kitchen!".    

Subsequently I began to realize I'd been doing this for years anyway; sneaking extra nutrition into my family's diet, hiding the evidence of things some family member thought they didn't like, etc.  So did my mother after my father, a true plate-cleaner, was diagnosed at a very young age with heart disease (he's now in his eighties, still has heart disease but is physically active).    So there's benefits, and justifications, for being sneaky if that's what it takes.

You can even be sneaky with yourself.   Here's some suggestions at  "Ten Commandments for Being Sneaky with Yourself".

The Sneaky Kitchen
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