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  1. Quaker 100% Natural Oats and Honey Granola. Does Mother Nature want you eating half a cup of oats coated with three teaspoons of sugar and laden with more artery-clogging fat than you'd get in a McDonald's hamburger? 
  2. Bugles.   What's so bad about Bugles?  The highly saturated coconut oil that General Mills fries them in- oil that's about twice as saturated as lard.  (Chips are usually fried in corn, soy or canola oils.)  One serving (just over a cup) of these fried wonders will give you 40% of your daily limit of saturated fat.
  3. Buitoni Contadina Alfredo Sauce.  Why not melt a third of a stick of butter on your pasta?  You might as well if you fall for Contadina's refrigerated Alfredo.
  4. Gwaltney Great Dogs Chicken Franks.  Do you think "chicken" or "turkey" on the label means less fat in the frank?   Not necessarily.  Companies like Gwaltney and Mr. Turkey make chicken or turkey dogs with 10 or 11 grams of fat each.  But most hot dog makes now offer pork, beef, turkey or soy franks with zero to 2-1/2 grams of fat.
  5. Entenmann's Rich Frosted Donut (Variety Pack size).  How can one doughnut have as much artery-clogging saturated and trans fat as nine strips of bacon?
  6. Nissin Cup Noodles with Shrimp.  What could be wrong with a cup of steaming-hot, high carbohydrate noodles?  Let's just say you'd be better off with a one-ounce bag of 14-or-so potato chips.  That's because, like the chips, the noodles are pre-fried and salted.  Then Nissin adds insult to injury by frying in artery-clogging palm oil and dumping on 6 times more sodium (1,070) than the chips contain.
  7. Burger King French Fries. Burger King makes some of the worst French fries you can buy at a fast-food restaurant.  Thanks to the salty coating that allows more oil to be absorbed, a King Size order of their fries packs 540 calories and 24 grams of fat- 13 of them artery-clogging.
  8. Campbell's red-and-white label condensed soups.  They're brimming with salt.  Half a can averages more than 1,100 mg of sodium.  that's about half your ideal quota for the entire day.
  9. Frito-Lay's Wow! Potato Chips. These chips, like Fat Free Pringles, are fried in Olean (olestra), the indigestible fat substitute.   Olean doesn't provide any calories, but in many people causes gastrointestinal symptoms- some people have said they suffered such severe cramps or diarrhea that they had to go to the emergency room.  Olean also prevents the body's absorption of carotenoids.  These products won't do much to help you lose weight or reduce your risk of heart attack, but might cause you a lot of misery.
  10. Oscar Mayer Lunchables. It would be hard to invent a worse food than these combos of heavily processed meat, artery-clogging cheese, and mostly-white-flour crackers.  The regular line averages 4 teaspoons of fat and 1,790 mg of sodium.   And the Lean Turkey Breast and Cheddar cheese on 8 half-dollar-sized "wheat" crackers has as much saturated fat as a couple of pork chops.  The Fun Packs and Pizza and Taco Bell kits are almost as bad.  As for Oscar Mayer's Low Fat and Reduced Fat Lunchables, they may have about half the fat of regular Lunchables, but they're still a junk food.  Instead, try 8 Reduced Fat Triscuits (they're whole wheat) and 2 slices of any Healthy Choice Cold Cuts.

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(*) Extracted from the Center For Science in the Public InterestThis organization publishes the Nutrition Action Newsletter with warnings about ingredients in foods like the above.

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