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... for Getting More Fiber

We all need more fiber.  Here's easy (and delicious) ways to get enough:

  1. Add veggies to every dish you make, from meat loaf to spaghetti sauce to omelets to casseroles.  Stick lettuce, tomato or onion into sandwiches.  Try to leave the peels on veggies whenever possible.  Make every dish you serve a fiber-rich one!
  2. Add fruit to cereal, yogurt or cottage cheese.  Put it in muffins or pancakes, or serve as a topping on waffles, parfaits or ice cream.  Pack fruit into gelatin desserts, serve cobblers.   Eat fruit with the peel whenever possible for more fiber.   Try fruit for dessert, especially when eating out.  
  3. Eat fruits and veggies in between meals for snacks.  If you eat chips, scoop up salsa.  Serve dip for veggie sticks.  Munch on popcorn.  Crunch an apple.  Grope a grape. 
  4. Beans are one of the best sources of fiber around.  Add a few to soup, stews and salads.  Offer Chili con Carne.  Serve baked beans with ribs, hamburgers or hot dogs.  Make mashed bean sandwiches or Mock Dogs.
  5. Eat only whole grains.  If your family won't go for that, start with "golden" bread, then variety, Roman meal or "wheat bread" which is only partly whole wheat, until finally you can change them over to real whole wheat. Serve rye bread, too.  Use brown rice in dishes like pudding.  Serve cereals with higher fiber content.  Try variety grains like millet, buckwheat groats, rye flakes, oatmeal, bulgar and others.   There's lots of delicious ways to fix them.  Don't think of them as "health foods" but  as "ethnic variety". 
  6. Add wheat bran, oat bran, rice bran or flax seed to biscuits, muffins, breads, grits, pancakes, waffles or any other place you can get away with it.  
  7. Munch on raisins, prunes, figs and other dried fruits, or add to salads, cereals, sauces, fricassees.  Dried fruits are packed with healthy fiber.
  8. Don't strain fruit juices or pulp.  Make smoothies, slushies or batidos with whole fruit.   Add pulp as well as juice to recipes.  Think about investing in a Vitamix for convenience and health,
  9. Serve a salad with every lunch or dinner.   Start with smaller servings if necessary, and add variety:  olives, cukes, pickled items like mild or hot peppers,  leftover veggies, marinated artichoke hearts or other marinated goodies, beans, croutons, whatever it takes to get people to eat it.   
  10. If all else fails, and you simply aren't getting enough fiber daily, or there's days when you can't cook and your fiber intake falls short, take a fiber type "laxative" such as Citrocel, Fiberall, Konsyl or Metamucil.  Fiber's too important to pass up.

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