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... for Less Fat in our Diet

  1. Buy some really good non-stick cookware and baking pans.

  2. Purchase an electric countertop grill.

  3. Cut out deep fat frying completely; use the oven, broiler and grill instead. 

  4. Toss out all your recipes that call for significant amounts of cream, Crisco, margarine and oil (or convert them to low-fat if you can).  If you can't bear to toss them out, pack them away, for instance in the attic or basement.

  5. Cut most animal fat.  Buy the leanest cuts of meat.  Trim all visible fat before cooking.  Substitute egg whites for some of the yolks when cooking, or use healthier eggs such as Eggland's Best.  Use fat-free or reduced-fat dairy products, or substitute soy.  (Don't cut out fatty fish, an important source of healthful Omega-3 oil.)

  6. Use cooking spray instead of oils and fats.  Lower the heat and stir more often.

  7. Use richly flavored non-fat broth; home-made, canned or made from a fat-free or low-fat powdered mix to season and moisten meats and vegetables.

  8. Use more non-fat or reduced-fat milk products such as evaporated skim milk, yogurt, sour cream, cream cheese and shredded cheese to boost flavor, improve texture (mouth feel) and add calcium.

  9. Increase your use of herbs, spices, lemon and other fruit juices, garlic, onion, prepared mustards, ginger, horseradish, marinades, cooking wine, balsamic, wine or seasoned vinegars, capers, olives, salsa, relishes, ketchup, chili sauce, hot peppers, tomatoes and other strong-flavored items to make up for the lack of fats.

  10. Fill up on more fiber; whole grains, beans, and raw or lightly cooked vegetables and fruits.

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