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...for Not Sabotaging Diet Resolutions

Here's some rules that may help keep you from sabotaging your resolutions for a healthier diet, or those of a family member.

  1. If you must have some item on hand that a family member shouldn't eat but can't resist, HIDE IT!
  2. If you really have to buy a food you would be better off without, get the smallest possible package even if it costs more.  Thrifty isn't smart under these circumstances.
  3. When a family member has a serious allergy to a specific food, check labels on every food that comes into the house, including take-out and edible gifts.  This problem can be life-threatening; don't take chances!
  4. Serve those items one family member cannot eat at a meal when that person isn't at home. 
  5. Serve smaller portions of fattening items.  Don't put serving dishes full of food on the table.  If diners have to go out to the kitchen for seconds, they may be less likely to do so.   Exception;  put extra dishes of veggies, salads and other healthful, non-fattening foods where everyone easily grab second dips.
  6. Use smaller plates and bowls.  Buy shallow soup plates and luncheon plates.   A full small- or medium-size plate is a lot more satisfying to contemplate than a skimpily filled, huge dinner plate.   Fill up the gaps between servings of food with healthy garnishes.
  7. Consume foods forbidden to one family member only outside the home; treat yourself by eating out.
  8. Substitute a treat the dieting person can eat when you serve others a food treat not on that diet.

  9. If you truly love that family member on a restricted diet, it may be better just not to buy nor have at home items he or she cannot eat. 
  10. Best of all, consider changing your own eating habits.   Most diets restricted for health reasons are actually much healthier for everyone.

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