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... for Being Sneaky with Yourself

Here's how you can be sneaky with yourself in order to improve your diet (and maybe the nutrition of others in the household at the same time).

  1. Stock up on healthy but delicious foods. 
  2. Buy the smallest amount possible of less healthy foods; forget economy size as this is one time frugal means foolish.
  3. Forget most of the fat-free or non-fattening junk foods.  They can do more harm than good, and may not really satisfy you anyway.
  4. Fix extra of favorite healthy dishes and freeze single portions for when the munchies take over. 
  5. Buy lots of your favorite fruits even though they are somewhat costly.  On the nutrition scale fruit has it over potato chips hands down. 
  6. If your teeth crave crunchy, try popcorn, fresh celery or a crisp apple.
  7. When your tongue wants sweet, try Bing cherries, a ripe apricot or pear or a handful of grapes. 
  8. When your belly needs carbs, give it a baked potato, multi-grain bread, a bowl of oatmeal with raisins and flaxseed, a low-fat muffin with fruit and/or nuts such as blueberry rolls,  or have some leftover pasta with veggies.
  9. If your throat begs for cola, have a small glass of water, then try real fruit juice, tea-- hot, iced or spiced (try Lady Bird Johnson's recipe, or a spicy one from the Sneaky Kitchen)--,  a ripe peach or a slice of juicy watermelon.  Colas, particularly those with caffeine, make you more thirsty and not less in the long run, and have no nourishing value to speak of.
  10. If you crave salt, have a big glass of water or juice (you may actually be thirsty) or a cup of tea;  then have a highly flavored snack, such as salsa with lower-sodium and reduced-fat tortilla chips, or a taco, burrito or pita stuffed with leftovers, shredded veggies and hot sauce, or try frazzled onions, eat a  pickle or two, have a few nuts, or snack on a crispy-fried lightly salted veggie such as yellow squash pennies.  

In other words, try to make sure that every food item in your kitchen that's calling your name is one that sneaks health and nutrition into your diet!  
































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