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General Carpet and Rug Care:  Regular carpet cleaning is important for appearance and wear. Unless removed, sharp particles of grit can become embedded and slice carpet fibers.  Use a carpet sweeper to pick up daily dirt, crumbs, hair, etc.  every day, or when spills or tracked in soil occurs.  

Which Sweeper Should I Use:  For normal use, the Electrostatic Sweeper # 101 is preferred, with its boar bristle rotor brush.  If the sweeper will be used in an area with long hairs, threads or sticky material such as dropped food, the Workhorse Sweeper # 100 is a better choice, with its washable vinyl rotor brush.

Improving the Efficiency of Your Carpet Sweeper:  If the sweeper tends to miss fine lint or dust, try dampening the brush before use.

how-to-maintain this product
  • After every use of the # 101 Carpet Sweeper, empty debris picked up
  • Comb out the rotor brush of the # 101, to remove string or hair, which could mat down and damage the bristles. 
  • If using the Workhorse # 100, wipe the vinyl blades to clean before storage.  If the rotor becomes very soiled, remove and wash with a mild cleaning solution and warm water.
  • Rotor Brushes will last longer if you hang the sweeper between uses.  It will swivel to lay flat against the wall.
  • If sweeper stops picking up altogether, check condition of rotor brush, and replace if needed for years more of service.

  • The Vinyl and the Boar Bristle Rotor Brushes are interchangeable between the # 101 Electrostatic Sweeper and the # 100 Workhorse Industrial Sweeper.
  • Corner brushes are not replaceable.  Although helpful in picking up debris along edges of the room, they are not necessary for operation of the sweepers.
  • Clean hairs and threads out of the rotor brush after every use, to preserve the bristles.  If you lose your sweeper comb, you can use a pocket comb or other small comb.

Fuller Brush rotor brush for Electrostatic Sweeper
Fuller Brush rotor brush for Electrostatic Sweeper

product specifications
# 964 Replacement Rotor Brush for the Electrostatic Sweeper 

 Fuller Brush rotor brush for Workhouse Sweeper

product specifications

# 963 Replacement Vinyl Rotor for the Workhorse  Sweeper

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