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178  Toilet Bowl Swab

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Reg. 12.99
178619 Bowl Cleaning Duo - Swab & Bowl Cleaner   Add to Cart
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About the Toilet Bowl Swab     

  • Keep your hands away from dirty water and harmful chemicals!
  • Dual-purpose cup effectively disperses cleaner onto swab and is a squeegee to wring out swab head safely without exposing hands to dirty water or harmful chemicals
  • Treated with an Anti-microbial Agent which inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi on the yarn
  • Acid- and mildew-resistant yarns prolong product life
  • Will not scratch porcelain surfaces
Where To Use
the Toilet Bowl Swab  
  • Use to clean toilet bowl
How To Use
the Toilet Bowl Swab   
  1. With the cup pushed down over the yarn, hold the Swab head over the toilet and pour Extra-Strength Bowl Cleaner on the head.
  2. The strands soak up the Cleaner (which helps you apply it where you need it), and the Cleaner won't run down the bottle.
  3. Swab the toilet bowl including under and on top of the rim.
  4. The Swab head won't flick water at you like a brush!
  5. Stand back and let the Cleaner do its job for 2 to 3 minutes.
  6. Flush the toilet; move the head under and on top of the rim to fully rinse the cleaner off the toilet and rinse the swab.
How To Maintain the Toilet Bowl Swab   
  1. Flush the toilet again to rinse the Swab head a second time.
  2. Carefully shake out excess water after use.  Pull cup up a bit to allow yarn to dry
  3. Stores easily by hang-up handle or in the Toilet Bowl Brush Holder, or hang in bathroom cupboard.


  • Handle: 15", plastic, with convenient hang-up hole
  • Type of Material: 2-1/2" long 100% acrylic yarn
  • MPN:/Model:  178
  • GTIN:/UPC:  083701001781
  • Tax according to your local sales tax code
  • Shipping by Fedex:  $9.00-per-entire-order, continental USA.

Problem Solving  

  • Removing Rust, Lime or Other Mineral Deposits:   Prop up the float in the tank to stop water flow. Flush toilet.  Apply Dissolve Bathroom Cleaner or Extra-Strength Bowl Cleaner. Wait 10 minutes. Scrub toilet bowl. Regular cleaning prevents buildup.

  • Water Leaks in Toilet Bowl: The toilet is the biggest consumer of water in the home, and a toilet leak can waste up to 100 gallons of water a day. You can test to see if you have a leak by putting food coloring in the water in the tank. DON'T FLUSH! If you have a leak, color will show up in the bowl within a few minutes.  Turn off the water to the toilet if possible until you can have the leak repaired.

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