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511  Beechwood 1/2 Round Hairbrush   Add to Cart
Reg. 41.99
Fuller Brush Beechwood 1/2 Round Hairbrush About the Beechwood Hairbrush       
  • Handle is made from the finest beech hardwood selected for its beauty and durability, and is shaped to fit anyone's hand.
  • Shaped, sanded and varnished by hand.
  • Natural boar bristles lift hair to add body and distribute hair's natural proteins and oils for an all over silky luster and sheen.
  • Ideal for styling.
Where To Use the Beechwood Hairbrush   
  • Use everyday to help maintain a healthy sheen and that well groomed look.
How To Maintain the Beechwood Hairbrush    
  1. Store with the bristles facing up.
  2. To clean, swish the bristles in a shallow pan of warm sudsy water.  Avoid wetting the wood as frequent contact with water will ruin its finish.
  3. Rinse with clear warm water
  4. Lay bristle side down on a clean towel to drain.
  5. Avoid use until brush is thoroughly dry.

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  • Made in the USA! 
  • Bristles: Natural boar
  • Handle: Elegant Beechwood 
  • Size: 8" L x 2 1/2" W
  • MPN:/Model:  511
  • GTIN:/UPC:  083701005116
  • Tax according to your local sales tax code
  • Shipping by Fedex:  $9.00-per-entire-order, continental USA.

Environmental Notes 

  • Both beech wood & boar bristles are renewable resources

Problem Solving

    Dull-looking Hair: Boar bristles have tiny scales that actually clean your hair as you brush, removing dirt, excess oils, and scalp flakes. They distribute natural proteins for an all-over silky luster and to help reduce split ends. The bristle ends lift hair to add body.

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