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647 Clean Cotton Moth-Deodorant Closet Block  

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647012  Clean Cotton Moth-Deodorant Closet Block set of 12  

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See White Hang-up Case    
Fuller Brush About Moth-Deodorant Blocks      

  • Paradichlorobenzene, one of the most effective ingredients available, kills and controls Clothes Moths, their larvae and Carpet Beetles
  • Protects up to 30 cubic feet of storage area
  • Fresh Clean Cotton scent overcomes unpleasant bathroom and kitchen odors for up to 6 weeks

Where To Use Moth-Deodorant Blocks 

  • ImageUse where moths or other insects are a problem, including closets, bathroom, attic, storage area, laundry room, basement, and workshop
  • Hang near fur coats
  • Use where odors are a problem
How To Use Moth-Deodorant Blocks   
  1. Brush clothes thoroughly before storing.
  2. Remove part or all of the cellophane wrapping, place block in Deodorant Block Case, close cover and hang at top of storage area if possible.
  3. Keep storage area tightly closed at all times or for at least seven days after hanging. Protection decreases if the closet is opened frequently. Odor quickly disappears from clothing upon removal from storage area.
Helpful Hints 
  • Note: DO NOT hang against plastic tile.
Problem Solving
    Preventing Clothes Moths: Clothes Moths cause damage when clothing is not cleaned prior to storage. Any dirt or food left on clothing can attract moths, which lay eggs that hatch during the storage period. The larvae feed on the clothing fibers causing holes in garments. Clean clothing prior to storage and store with Perfumed Deodorant Blocks.

    Eliminating Odors: Use Perfumed Deodorant Blocks to eliminate odors inside closets or other closed storage areas, under sinks, near diaper pails, inside pantries and smoke-filled rooms.

    Controlling Carpet Beetles: Carpet beetle larvae can damage many types of fabric. To prevent infestations, thoroughly vacuum rugs, dark corners, near moldings, and under furniture, then remove and dispose of the vacuum bag. Clean pet bedding frequently and seal all floor cracks.


  • Made in the USA! 
  • Net Weight: 12 oz.
  • Type of Product: Solid
  • MPN:/Model:  647,647012
  • GTIN:/UPC:  083701006472
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  • Shipping by Fedex:  $9.00-per-entire-order, continental USA.

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