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674 Dissolve Bathroom Cleaner


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674002 Dissolve Bathroom Cleaner, set of 2


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Fuller Brush About Dissolve Bathroom Cleaner      

  • Watch deposits 'DISSOLVE' before your eyes!
  • Heavy-duty, non-abrasive gel quickly and easily dissolves lime, scale, rust and hard water mineral deposits without scrubbing
  • Thick formula clings to surfaces for thorough cleaning action
  • Rinses clean

Where To Use Dissolve Bathroom Cleaner  

  • Use in bathroom on sink, bathtub, shower stall, shower door and toilet bowl
  • Use in kitchen on sink and dishwasher
  • Use on ceramic tile, porcelain, chrome, stainless steel or glass
  • DO NOT use on fiberglass, marble, Formica, Corian, aluminum, wood or metallic glazed surfaces, such as brass or gold-plated fixtures
  • Rinse well after use

How To Use Dissolve Bathroom Cleaner    

  1. Test in an inconspicuous area.
  2. Apply directly or use damp sponge or cloth.
  3. Allow to remain on surface no longer than 10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

Helpful Hints 

Wearing gloves is recommended when using this product. If using on older surfaces, test first as they may have become porous. The dye in Dissolve Bathroom Cleaner may stain a porous surface. When using on colored tubs or shower stalls and on other questionable surfaces, pre-test on an inconspicuous spot, rinse thoroughly and let dry, to test.


  • Made in the USA! 
  • Net Wt: 16 fl. oz.
  • Product Type: Thick Liquid Gel
  • MPN:/Model:  674,674002
  • GTIN:/UPC:  083701006748
  • Tax according to your local sales tax code
  • Shipping by Fedex:  $9.00-per-entire-order, continental USA.

  • No abrasives
  • Safe for septic systems when used as directed
  • Compatible with PVC, PVDC, and ABS pipe
  • HDPE 2 recyclable plastic container
problem solving

Hard Water Deposits: Hard water contains dissolved minerals. One of these minerals, calcium carbonate, remains on a surface when the water evaporates, creating a faint, milky-looking film. This residue is easily cleaned within a few days.  After a week or two, it becomes a solid block of mineral, which requires more effort.

Clean mineral deposits and soap scum from surfaces with Dissolve Bathroom Cleaner. To protect against future soap scum build-up, apply Easy Shower Spray.  DO NOT apply any type of polish to tub or shower floors as they may become dangerously slippery.

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