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756 Duster Spray  Sale $ 8.99
 Aug 15 - Sept. 30
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Fuller Brush Duster Spray  About Duster Spray      

  • Don't just distribute dust throughout your house, pick it up and take it away!
  • Turns any dry mop or dust cloth into a dust magnet.
  • Eliminates dust from your home with an easy to use, spray, wipe and shake away action.
  • Contains no waxes or polishes
  • Can be used everyday without causing build-up
  • Re-treat chemically treated mops and dust clothes after washing or prolonged use.

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Where To Use Duster Spray 

  • Use for floors, shelves, furniture, window blinds, lamps, picture frames, automobile interiors, and more.
  • Works great with Wooly Bully Duster and Wooly Bully Dry Mop and more, for extra dust-nabbing power.

How To Use Duster Spray   

  • Since Duster Spray is a powerful dust magnet, try to use the spray outdoors, in your garage, basement or utility room where it will not drift onto adjacent fine surfaces.
  • Hold can upright about 8" to 10" from item to be treated and spray lightly and evenly
  • If item is a cloth, ball it up and rub it against itself to let Duster Spray penetrate and distribute throughout the cloth before using.
  • On other items, ruffle with your hand to evenly distribute Duster Spray throughout the fibers of the material, then shake well to further fluff and distribute the Duster Spray.
  • To remove dust from the house, shake used mop, duster or cloth vigorously outside, or hold in a plastic garbage bag and shake well.
Helpful Hints  
  • Spray your dust mop or cloth, and place in an airtight plastic bag several hours before use. This will allow the Duster Spray to more evenly penetrate the dust mop or cloth fibers.
  • Duster Spray is not a polish. After dusting, use the appropriate polish, oil, or wax on the surface for a brilliant shine.


  • Made in the USA! 
  • Size: 15.5 oz.
  • Product Type:  Aerosol Spray
  • MPN:/Model:  756,756002
  • GTIN:/UPC: 083701007561
  • Tax according to your local sales tax code
  • Shipping by Fedex:  $9.00-per-entire-order, continental USA.

Environmental Notes 

  • No phosphates, chlorofluorocarbons, or silicone
  • Recyclable steel can
Problem Solving  

Creating Dust Magnets: Turn your dust cloths into dust magnets with a light spray of Duster Spray.

Dusting Floors: Treat dust mops with Duster Spray to help pick up fine particles and dust from wood and vinyl floors.

Allergies to dust, pollen, soot, animal dander and dust mites:  When using dust cloths, feather dusters, brooms, and even vacuum cleaners without hepa-filters, many people find that allergies, bronchitis and asthma are made worse, not better, as much of the fine material on surfaces becomes airborne, is breathed in, and resettles on surfaces all over the home.  Many particles can actually be harmful to everyone's health when tracked in or produced in the home - such as chemicals, asbestos, fiberglass, soot, and mold spores.  If you look through a sunbeam shining into your window, you probably will see that it is almost alive with fine particles.  Use of a Hepa-Filter Air Cleaner will reduce much of the air pollutants and fine particles in a room, but to clean effectively and safely and keep this debris out of the air, Duster Spray should be applied to any item that picks up dust and dirt.

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