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A3083  Black Slender Broom Refill Head (formerly Slimline Broom)  Sale $ 17.99
July 15 - Aug. 31, 11 PM EST
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Reg. 18.99
A63083 Black Slender Broom Complete    
A68302 Black Slender Broom w/Dustpan Set   Add to Cart
Reg. 36.48
  • So slim, trim, lightweight and easy to use!
  • Long-lasting durable crush-proof fibers won't wear down, curl or break.
  • Flexible outer bristles sweep dust without scattering
  • Stiff inner bristles gather heavier particles.
  • Durable plastic dust pan snaps onto the handle for convenient storage.
  • Plus, dustpan provides protections for broom bristles during storage
  • Previously known as the Slimline Broom

  • Use indoors or out for a clean sweep.

  • Rinses clean when dirty.
  • Hang up by hole in handle when not in use.


  • Polypropylene Fibers
  • Use with 2-Pc. Silver Handle
  • MPN:/Model: A3083,A68302
  • GTIN:/UPC:   083701308309
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