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Fuller Brush Special Items & Hints
50 Uses for Stainless Steel Sponges


1. Clean hard vegetables (potatoes, carrots, etc.).
2. Use to gently de-silk corn.
3. Remove tea stains from cups and teapot.
4. Use them to clean stoneware.
5. Clean non-Teflon pots, pans, dishes, cast iron skillets, stainless steel cookware, etc.
6. Clean stove top, burner rings, drip pans, oven, stainless steel sinks, etc.
7. Clean stains off of hard-surface countertops.
8. Get wax out of candle holders.
9. Remove crayon marks on enamel appliances


10. Remove lime from faucets.
11. Clean hard water stains off glass shower doors.
12. Clean and remove rust from bathtub.
13. Place a small piece in sink and shower drains to catch loose hair and keep drains from clogging.

Miscellaneous Uses

14. Great Christmas stocking stuffers, wedding shower and house-warming gifts.
15. Use to strip paint and furniture (then soak in paint thinner and re-use).
16. Paint a base coat on your walls and add a glossier coat using your 868 (similar to sponge painting).
17. Remove latex paint from hands.
18. Rub lightly to remove dried paint drippings from molding, other hard surfaces.
19. Clean paint brushes, pans and metal parts on paint roller.
20. Clean drywall/plaster knives, applicators and mud pans.
21. Stuff into holes and cracks around gas pipes, drainpipes, etc. to keep out mice, rats and insects.
22. Use in bottoms of vases to hold flowers in arrangements.

Miscellaneous Uses

23. Use old ones to lay in bottom of flower pots for drainage.
24. Use to gently eliminate sticky substance on glass, picture frames, copper, etc. with Fulsol.
25. Remove rust from any hard surface.
26. Remove black scuff marks and tough stains from floors.
27. Use in dryer to catch lint.
28. Clean spray starch off from irons (without Teflon plates).
29. Remove mud from shoe soles.
30. Scrub dirt and grass stains from feet and hands.

Outdoor Uses

31. Clean the BBQ grill or oven grates with Fulsol  Degreaser.
32. Clean camping pots and pans that are black from fire.
33. Soak tools in Fulsol and clean with stainless sponges.
34. Mechanics use them to clean motor parts.
35. Scrub bugs off from bumper and grill of car!
36. Remove bird droppings from vehicle windshield.
37. Remove road dirt and tar from the chrome trim on sides of your car.
38. Clean white wall tires, rims, and hub caps.
39. Use to clean bird baths and bird feeders.
40. Clean outdoor furniture (with Degreaser).
41. Use to clean flower pots.
42. Clean stains and spills on cement with degreaser.
43. Clean yard equipment (shovels, hoes, rakes, lawn mower parts, etc.).
44. Clean out garbage and recycle containers.
45. Clean outside light fixtures, iron grills.
46. Clean sides of pool and pool steps.
47. Remove mildew and moss from deck rails.
48. Scale fish.
49. Clean an aluminum boat.
50. Clean golf clubs and carry one in bag to use if ball gets muddy.

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