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Stainless Steel Sponges
Why Are They So Popular

ImageEach one of our rust-resistant Fuller Brush #19868 Stainless Steel Sponges is actually over 8,000 inches of continuous stainless steel coiled 40,000 times for increased flexibility and cleaning power. It outlasts steel wool.   Two continuous, flexible 100% stainless steel, coiled strands outlast other scrubbers made from less durable nickel, brass, and plastic.  Specially designed stainless steel coils cut through stubborn grease, grime, baked-on food.  Strong and flexible for use on ovens, BBQ or oven grills, cast iron or steel pots and pans (inside and out), appliances, dishes, stoneware, outdoor furniture, even tools and shovels - anywhere you need strong scrubbing power.  Gentle to your hands, won't splinter, and lasts longer than ordinary steel wool pads.  Will NEVER RUST.  Since it's a Fuller product, it is made to last much longer than other scrubbers. 

Dishwasher safe!  Here's some customer feedback on uses:

Oven Cleaner!  Fuller Brush Star Roland Rhodes says "My wife said she'd allow me to test out our new products by cleaning the oven; she's so nice to me!  I sprayed the worst spots with Oven Cleaner and used the stainless steel sponge that we keep by the sink for the pots and pans, and it stayed in place nicely giving me more scrubbing power to get the oven looking like new again, with No scratches."

Hair Clogs in Bathroom Drains! Place a stainless steel sponge around the drain hole and tuck it into the drain a bit to help it stay in place. To clean, pull up the Stainless Steel Sponge, discard the hair and rinse sponge or wash it in the dishwasher.

Range Hood Cleaner! "You know how your Range Hood gets all greasy and nothing seems to cut that grease? - I just sprayed some Degreaser Spray on, rubbed lightly with a Stainless Steel Sponge, and wiped off with my dish cloth; squeaky clean now! These are two versatile MUST HAVE products for every home." Scrubs baked-on food off your stove without scratching; use Fulsol or soapy solution to begin dissolving the food.

If you prefer, Stanley also has Stainless Steel Kitchen Cleaners (formerly known as Kettle Cleaners) that do the same job.

SOME OTHER IMAGINATIVE TERRIFIC USES: Don't peel vegetables, just scrub your potatoes and carrots with one of these and you'll throw a lot less of your vegetables and nutrients in the trash.  Use to silk corn.  Remove tea stains from cups.  People say they are also terrific for scaling fish!

OTHER INDOOR USES: Clean rust, lime and hard water stains off glass shower doors, porcelain or fiberglass tubs, sinks, faucets. Remove rust from any surface.   Gently clean stains off countertops.   Rub lightly to remove dried paint droppings from your floor or furniture. - Clean drywall/plaster knives, applicators, and mud pans.  Remove black scuff marks and tough stains from floors.  Remove mud from shoe soles.  Scrub dirt and grass stains from feet and hands.  Remove crayon marks on enamel surfaces. Take paraffin wax off counter and get wax out of candle holders.  Clean spray starch off steel-faced irons (not non-stick!).

NEVER THROW THEM AWAY:  Use old ones as a Holder for arranging flowers. Clean flower pots.  Put one in the bottom of a pot over the drain hole before filling to keep gravel, sphagnum or vermiculite inside. 

OUTDOORS: Furniture and paint stripper (then soak in paint thinner and re-use). Remove latex paint from your hands. Clean paint roller pans and metal part of paintbrushes.  Gently remove excess grout from tile.  Clean tires, rims, hub caps.  Remove bird droppings from windshield.  Mechanics use to clean motor parts.  Scrub bugs, pitch, tar from your car, with a cleaner - doesn't scratch.  Clean your aluminum boat.  Clean scale from your boat propeller, using #780 Bath Clean.  Clean bird baths and feeders.  Clean outdoor furniture. Clean outside light fixtures. - Clean concrete (with # 630 Fulsol degreaser).  Clean and shine golf clubs, and keep one in your bag to clean mud off your golf balls.  Clean sides of pool and pool steps.  Remove mildew and moss from deck rails and siding.


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