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Where Do You Go?

Where does everyone go first thing in the morning and last thing at night?  And a few times in between,  too.   Answer:  one of the germiest place in the house!  The bathroom.

Staph and strep germs, e-coli, salmonella, viruses, yeast, mildew and funguses are almost permanent residents in most bathrooms.  This can be a source of infection, odor, unsightliness, and is also downright nasty, when you think about it.  A quick two to five minutes every day can make your bathroom a healthier and just plain nicer place.   Pick a time of day that's convenient for you, and make a pledge to clean, deodorize and sanitize every single day.

You'll need two things: Fuller's Germicidal Cleaner, and a supply of rags, old washcloths, or shammies.  Keep them handy in the bathroom. 

1.  Spray Germicidal Cleaner foam over the lavatory bowl and vanity surface, including the faucet handles.  Germicidal Cleaner kills germs, deodorizes and cleans all at once.  If you have toothpaste, lotion or soap dispensers, spray the top of the pump. Wipe dry with a cloth.

2.  Spray the toilet seat on all surfaces, and wipe dry.  Then spray the top rim of the bowl and wipe. (Especially important if there are males in your household!  You know what I mean, ladies.)

3.  Rinse your cloth and wring out.  Rinse off the bar of soap - while washing without soap will leave germs on your hands, you can also transfer germs to the soap if you don't rinse it after use.  If there's grime or melted soap on the soap dish, give it a squirt of Germicidal Cleaner and wipe dry with your cloth.

4.  Toss the cloth in the  hamper.  You're done! 

In addition:  mildew on tiles is the result of excess humidity and a mildew infection.  Germicidal or any other product will NOT remove mildew stains; the only thing that will help with that is a chlorine product.  And if you don't clean frequently, or you have a lot of minerals in your water, you'll need a stronger product for heavy tub and shower cleaning, such as Bath Clean.  But if you wipe down your bath daily or want to inhibit new mildew growth, Germicidal Cleaner is the answer.  Spray on and wipe off with a dry cloth.  If you only want to prevent new mildew growth in certain areas, spray on those areas daily and wipe down.  You'll see a great reduction in new mildew growth and stains.


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