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Is it dust or something else?

What we refer to as/ "dust" actually consists of super-light dirt, soot, mold, hair, skin cells, germs, dust mites and other nasty particles.   Do you want this floating in the air?  Or clogging filters,computers or fans?  Of course not.  Dusting with a feather duster or dry cloth, sweeping and dry mopping can throw this up into the air, where you may breathe some of it in, until eventually it settles right back where you removed it.  How do you prevent this?  Use Duster Spray on dust cloths and dry mops to pick up these particles until you take them outside and shake them out.  Also, Fuller's Duster Spray leaves a dust-retarding finish on surfaces.  Fuller Brush Duster Spray - the dust magnet and anti-dust solution!

Fuller's Large Surface Duster is made of microfiber that holds dust and hair.  The fibers create static electricity that attracts and holds dust like a magnet. 

 Use on cobwebs, entertainment centers, blinds, curtains and door frames.  The hang-up head unscrews to allow attachment of a threaded handle to reach high places without having to bring in and climb on a ladder.  You'll be amazed at how much you pick up from places you didn't even suspect were that dirty.  You'll soon see you've been "living in a fool's paradise" as far as clean surfaces are concerned! Take it outside occasionally

Don't forget that ceiling fan.   It can be a great power-saver, but it also picks up and throws around dust and other contaminants every time you turn it on.  The solution is to keep it clean - but not by climbing up a ladder and exposing yourself to the danger of falling!  Instead, invest in a Wooly Bully Fan Duster with an extendable handle, and just place if over each blade and clean off that nasty stuff!

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