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De-stressing the Holidays...
The Best Decoration is a Shining Clean Home!

As soon has Halloween has passed, we start looking forward to and/or dreading the holiday season.  Jessica Setnick, MS, RD/LD, has written a great booklet, which she allowed us to publish, Surviving the Holidays: Body, Mind and Spirit - Strategies.

One thing I try to do (and don't always complete since I have always worked in sales) is to start cleaning away the year's dirt, debris and castoffs between now and Christmas.   It's nice to finish by Thanksgiving, if possible, but leave the garage, the kids' rooms, or other places that aren't on public view until after turkey day if needed.

A good plan, if you have very little time, strength, patience or energy, is to divide your home into sections.  A half or quarter of a room, for instance.  Make any minor repairs, throw out clothes you won't wear again, unneeded receipts or ads, old personal care items such as eye makeup, outdated medication.  Replace worn fake flowers, chipped ornaments, grungy lampshades.  

Clean ceilings with a vacuum cleaner or wall duster; brush down and/or wash walls.  Organize drawers and closets.  Clean or wash dust ruffles, curtains, soiled areas on rugs.  Polish until furniture gleams, leather is supple and vinyl, glass and chrome shines. 

If you make a plan now, by dividing each room of a three bedroom home, for instance, into halves or quarters depending on its size and complexity, you could be done by Thanksgiving.  That's do-able, right?  Then it will be easier to relax during the holidays.  Your house will be healthier to live in during the closed-up winter months.  And you'll start the New Year organized, bright and clean.

Check out Fuller Brush and Stanley Home Products for the greatest cleaning, stain removal and polishing solutions and longest lasting cleaning tools.   Remember, the warmest welcome, best decoration and the most relaxing thing you can do for yourself is to have a fresh, shining clean home and a new orderly start to the New Year.

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