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Household Dust - Dangers & Solutions

HINT:  Household dust isn't just innocent dirt.  It usually contains some combination of mold, pollen, dust mites, dander, dead skin cells, particles of toxins and pollution and even germs.  Many of these particles can cause allergies and diseases.  

When you sweep and dust without taking proper precautions, these unhealthy particles actually become more dangerous, floating into the air and into nasal passages and lungs before floating back onto other surfaces in your home.  Follow these guidelines for your own health and comfort, and for children or other family members' well-being:

Slender Broom

Fiesta Kitchen Broom

Duster Spray

Dust magnet!

Wooly Bully
Dust Mop

Dynamic Duo
Wet & Dry Mop

Turquoise Flip Mop
Dry or Wet

  • For damp or sticky floors such as those in the kitchen, bathroom or patio, sweep with a smooth motion, dragging the broom across the floor.  Vigorous sweeping may feel good but doesn't make for a clean house or clean air. 

  • For dry floors, use a dust mop with Duster Spray, pictured above.  Duster Spray is a dust magnet; it picks up and holds the dirt.  From time to time, take the mop outside, close the door so the dust won't drift back inside and shake thoroughly while holding your breath.  

  • Use Duster Spray on dust cloths as well.  When you dust without Duster Spray, some stays on the cloth but even more floats into the air.   Take the dust cloth outside occasionally and shake vigorously to remove excess dust.

  • Dust accumulates in cracks, behind furniture and in other hard-to-reach places, drifting out with stray breezes or vibrations to contaminate other surfaces in your home.  Use the Original Polishing Duster to get into all those tight spaces and REALLY clean.  You'll be shocked at what you find hiding in cracks and behind your furniture!

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