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Getting Rid of Hair, Lint and Dandruff

Watching this great video about the Meringue of the Dominican Republic and a yellow dog name Carrie, reminded me of the many uses of Fuller's Ultimate  Hair & Lint Brush.

No matter how much we wish otherwise, people will judge you by your appearance.  And right up there with food in your teeth or beard, stains on clothing, a peep at a safety pin on one's underwear, a run in a stocking or scuffed unpolished shoes, is dandruff, lint or dog or cat hair stuck to one's clothing.  Pet lovers will know exactly what I'm talking about; it's nearly impossible to have a dog or cat and not have hair constantly stuck to one's clothing.  A quick check in a mirror can reveal most of these grooming problems, but brushing with a bristle-brush means the hair, lint or dandruff ends up tangled in the brush bristles, floating in the air, or deposited elsewhere, often back on your person.  

Fuller has solved this problem with its famous Hair and Lint Brush.  Instead of bristles, it has teeth that actually pick up and hold debris. A quick rinse, lay it on a towel to dry, and it's ready to use again.

Don't leave home without (using) it!  And watch this great video.


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