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Ever Sandpaper your Toilet?

Slowly, I've come to the conclusion that most people don't know how to clean their toilet (this probably doesn't include you, of course...)  Twice I've seen TV programs where an "expert" helps a family dig out of a veritable pigsty of a home, including a truly nasty toilet, and they were instructed to take wet/dry sandpaper to the stains!  Great for the porcelain (not!).  I thought this unlikely until our tenant called me to say her toilet needed replacing.  That's right, a new toilet.  I went over, expecting the worst.  She showed me how the whole throat of the toilet, under the water, was COMPLETELY BLACK!  I asked how she cleaned it, and she showed me a wimpy brush she had bought at the grocery, and said that since the black wouldn't come off, she couldn't stand it; the rest of her home was sparkling clean.  A new toilet was needed.  I brought some rags, Germicidal Cleaner to sanitize the toilet before I put my hands into it, a toilet brush and Fuller bowl cleaner from home and it took me a half an hour (but not much effort) to have it sparkling.

I've seen far too many really nasty toilets around.   Here's how to avoid this with nearly no effort at all.   First, if you give your bath a quick polish every day, brush out the toilet with Fuller's great Ultimate Toilet Brush;  you won't scratch and can clean up under the rim.  This will prevent much of the scale and minerals from sticking to the bowl.  (I try - but rarely do so daily!)

Whenever you do a thorough cleaning, squirt a little Double Strength Bowl Cleaner around the bowl, including up under the rim.  Spread it around with the brush or swab.  Go ahead with your other cleaning.  In a few minutes, swab or brush away, and all the scale, minerals, rust and stains should come right off.

If you have heavy minerals in your water, or if someone has let stains accumulate, clean as above, then  flush.  Using a rag or sponge, remove all the water from the toilet bowl.  Then squirt on bowl cleaner, let stand a little, and brush away.  A really nasty tar-pot of a toilet like our tenant's may take several applications, but once clean, it will stay clean a long time with little effort.  

Double Strength Bowl Cleaner not only cleans, but it also deodorizes, and leaves a fresh, minty scent.  Thick gel formula clings where you squirt it.  It won't harm septic systems when used as directed, and is non-abrasive, unlike sandpaper.


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