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Live Fuller - and Love It!

Speed Clean your home in 20 minutes

Kitchen - 6 minutes daily
A sparkling sink is your kitchen's biggest symbol of hygiene and tidiness.

Bathroom - 3 minutes daily
The main priority here is to disinfect.

Bedroom - 6 minutes daily
Make your bed either right before or after your morning shower, so you will be inspired to deal with other messes immediately.

  • Make the bed. (2 minutes)
  • Fold or hang clothing and put away jewelry. (3 minutes)
  • Straighten out the night-table surface and dust using a dust cloth and DusterSpray 756. (30 seconds)
  • Deodorize the air and eliminate odors with Bay Berry Air Freshener A3529. (30 seconds)

Family room, living room - 5 minutes daily
Tidying up and dusting are the main priorities here.  Start with the sofa -- Once you've fluffed the pillows and folded the throws, you're halfway home. If you pop in a CD while you dust, you should be able cover the whole room by the end of the third track!

  • Pick up crumbs and dust bunnies with Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper. (1 minute)
  • Fluff the cushions and fold throws after use. (2 minutes)
  • Wipe tabletops and spot-clean surfaces using a dust cloth and Duster Spray 756. (30 seconds)
  • Straighten coffee-table, books, magazines and DVDs. (2 minutes)
  • Pick up any dishes, toys or other left-behinds.

By performing these tasks daily you will always have a clean home and won't be overwhelmed with your household chores! You should reserve one 1 hour a week for more detailed cleaning... but it will be a piece of cake if the house is tidy and kept clean with this 20 minute cleaning routine!

It is such a nice feeling to always have your home clean and organized. It feels so great and you'll be more efficient and less stressed in every other facet of your busy day.


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