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Fuller Brush Special Items & Hints
Preserving your Carpet & Reducing Airborne Particles

Most soil on carpets in traffic areas originally is loose on the surface.  But with subsequent traffic, it becomes ground into the fibers, staining them.  In addition, loose gritty particles like sand and ashes eventually make their way down to the base of the carpet fiber, where further walking starts to abrade and weaken the fibers.

Vibrations from walking or any other source can lift soil, mold, pollens and other pollutants into the air.  This leaves dust on other surfaces in the house, and can be a source of allergy when you breathe them in.

Very few people will wish to drag out a noisy, heavy vacuum cleaner every time a little soil is tracked inside, an ashtray or bowl of snacks spills, or food falls from the table.  Even a little cleanup with a broom and dustpan won't remove all the soil in most cases.

The Fuller Electrostatic Carpet Sweeper is light years ahead of cheap sweepers you can buy at flea markets and discount stores, in pickup, ease of use and durability.   Quiet, lightweight, easy to use even by someone in a wheelchair, empties in a flash, and simple to store in a tiny space, there isn't a better sweeper on the market.  In addition to picking up coarse soil and particles with the rotor brush, the action of the rotor creates an electrostatic charge that attracts extremely fine particles into the sweeper.  An extra rotor made of vinyl is available to use in areas that have long hair, threads or sticky food on the surface.  They can be easily swapped depending on the circumstances.

 It comes with it's own comb, which clips onto the handle, and the bristle rotor should be cleaned before storage to greatly extend its life.   If the brush becomes worn, however, refills are available.

This is a great gift item, one that will last for years and years.  It comes in a compact box, easy to wrap or ship.  In fact, for a small shipping and handling, Fuller will ship it for you, anywhere in the country, and send you the invoice.


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