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Two Approaches to Tile Floor Cleaning

Tile floors are very low maintenance.  Basically they need two kinds of cleaning - light and thorough. Fuller is an expert on both operations.

Never wax tile floors; they can become slippery, and falls on tile can be serious.  Tiles have a natural luster, unless you clean them with vinegar.  Unfortunately, many tile setters and tile stores still recommend cleaning with water and vinegar.  One would think the "experts" would know better!  Vinegar is an acid; it will make the grout more porous and likely to collect stains, and take the shiny luster right off your tile over time.  The Tile Council of America warns against using this harmful chemical.  It will also rust any metal on your mop.  Save it for pickles and salads!  There are many residue-free cleaners, when added to hot water for in-depth cleaning doesn't leave any sticky residue. You may try Stanley Fiesta Floor Cleaner Concentrate.  It won't remove finish or shine, and needs no rinsing.

The perfect tool to clean dirty grout is our Tile Grout E-Z Scrubber.  It is pointed and very stiff, to really get down into the cracks of grout and get out that grime!  Both  come with a long adjustable telescopic handle.

For quick pickups or real cleaning try our Fiesta Red Spin Mop and Bucket or Spin Mop Jr.  Both make cleaning spills a snap, and thorough cleaning easy, fast and sanitary. No wringing and floors can be wiped almost dry to avoid tracking or slipping.

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