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Upholstery Cleaning
Everything you need to know about
keeping your furniture clean and fresh.

Sweat, grime and stains on upholstery make the whole house look dingy and smell stale.  Fuller Brush has a GREAT solutions.

Always brush or vacuum your upholstery well beforehand to remove dust and debris.  Check for spots and stains to identify any problem areas.  If you suspect the stain won't come out with regular cleaning, work on the spot first. 

If the fabric is dry-clean only, do not use water-based stain removers.  Always test in a hidden are with any cleaner you use.  Most manufactures put a cleaning instruction tag on furniture in a hidden place; look for it!  

Here's a home remedy for two really difficult stains.  Urine - pet or baby - and red wine.  Immediately blot up as much as you can without pressing it further into the cloth.  Always keep on hand a few bottles of club soda; pour a little on the stain, and blot.  Repeat several times.  Let dry.  If any stain remains, treat as above.

Now for general cleaning:  grime, sweat stains and the normal soil that accumulates on upholstery during normal living.  Use Fuller's Upholstery Cleaner.  Test first. Then just spray on the foam, wait a moment, then scrub and wipe with a clean, absorbent cloth to remove Cleaner and soil.  Repeat if required, or use a Stain Brush if needed.  Always wipe away all you can.  Dry as quickly as possible with air conditioning, an open window or fan.

For the finishing touch: freshen fabric, especially after cleaning or removing smelly stains or perspiration. Odor Away extra-strength fabric refresher safely eliminates odors at the source on virtually all types of fabrics. Terminates odors from pets, smoke, cooking, mustiness and more. Use on upholstery, car seats, carpets, draperies... almost any type of fabric surface.  Leaves fabrics smelling fresh and clean and will not stain. 

(Note: these products are not intended for use on silk, velvet or suede covered furniture.  These fabrics are best left to licensed and insured professionals.)

Remember, eventually not 100% of stains will come out.  Prevention is a great idea.  Toss a furniture throw or bedspread over sofas and chairs before chip & dip game time or children eating near furniture (and try to keep that to a minimum!). 

Keep fabrics neat with the Clothes & Upholstery Brush; remove lint, dandruff, ash, pet hair and other particles easily with the natural bristles.  Use regularly before sweeping or moping to keep a clean, attractive home.

Years ago, furniture was often expected to last a lifetime and crocheted or embroidered doilies were pinned in place on upholstered arms and headrests.  If you have an active household and furniture will get soiled frequently, try to match the upholstery material, or if you have items reupholstered, order some extra material sewn into squares.  Pin these into place on arms and furniture backs where the head rests; you can replace with spares and throw these into the washer with a good detergent (no bleach, please) to keep the worst of soil away from upholstery.

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