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Cleaning Tips from Fuller Brush
Everything you need to know about glass cleaning.

Outdoor windows:
When cleaning windows without screens on first floors, use a gentle detergent such as Fulsol Degreaser diluted in a bucket of water, and Fuller's Big EZ.  If you live in a dusty climate, you may wish to wet windows and walls with a hose first, to avoid staining walls.  Dip brush in solution, apply to windows, then hose down for a sparkling clean shine. 

If you want to avoid all this work, use Full Sparkle.  Wash windows as well as screens, even second floor ones.  Watch the video.

Inside Windows:
Use Glass Gel Mist .  It doesn't run and is good to the last drop! For crystal clear windows, use a dry lint-free cloth or Microfiber cloth, and wipe one side of window with vertical sweeping motions and the other side with horizontal sweeping motions.  If there are any remaining streaks, the direction will determine which side of the glass needs to be cleaned again.

Vehicle Windows:
You can clean outside windows and windshields on cars, trucks, boats or other vehicles with the same car wash solution you use on the rest of the vehicle. You can do a faster, better job with Full Sparkle.

For the inside of the car, spray Glass Gel Mist, either on the cleaning cloth for small to medium windows or directly on the glass for large windows.

Cleaning Mirrors:
Avoid ugly dark stains around the edges of your mirrors.  Do not let any cleaning solution seep onto the back of the mirror, as it will permanently stain it.  An excellent way to protect your mirrors is by using
Glass Gel Mist.  Apply only to the center of the mirror, not the edges.  Wipe with long back and forth strokes to avoid streaking.  For small mirrors, spray window cleaner on the cloth, not the mirror.

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