Ice Tup Recipes

Dripless Ice Tups

1 pkg fruit flavored gelatin
1 pkg flavored beverage powder (i.e., Kool Aid)
1 cup sugar
2 cups hot water
2 cups cold water

Combine gelatin, beverage powder and sugar. Add hot water and stir until dissolved.  Add cold water and stir for 2-3 minutes. Pour into Ice Tups and freeze.  Makes 20 popsicles that don't drip!!


1 pkg. instant chocolate pudding
2 1/2 c. milk
Mix as directed on pudding package. Pour into Tupperware molds. Freeze.


1 pkg. lemon instant pudding
2 1/2 c. water
Mix as directed on package and freeze.


2 C. Fruit juice
3 Tbls. Frozen juice concentrate, same kind of juice or complementary flavor
Mix well and pour into Ice Tups.  Makes about 1 dozen Tupcicles

Pink Lemonade-Cicles

1 frozen pink lemonade concentrate
Reconstitute the lemonade as per directions, except leave out a little of the water to make them stronger in flavor.   Pour into Ice Tups and freeze.  Excess can be further diluted for lemonade.

Kool-Aid Ice Tups

Make up Kool-Aid as directed; if desired, leave out a little of the water.    Pour into Ice Tups and freeze.

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