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Watkins Products & Catalog

Get a Catalog by mail, or browse our onlne catalog and print and order blank if you need one.  If you need a catalog, that means that you don't have a Watkins salesperson.  Probably your friends, neighbors and other contacts don't either.  That person could be YOUClick here and ask for information about how to become a Watkins Associate and start making money now!   Click here for phone ordering.

Send stamps for a free catalog:

The cost of the catalogs, envelope, printing, alone, etc. is well over $4, and for our part, we'll send it to you free.  For your part, please mail a label or print your name and address clearly, plus 6  45-cent postage stamps.   Include a note that you wish to have a Watkins catalog.   You may send $3 cash instead, or a check made out to "Bess Metcalf".  (After you see our great catalog, you will see the opportunity you will have to supply people in your community with Watkins products and earn extra cash!)

Watkins Catalog
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(For convenience, you may print this page, cut out the address and tape onto an envelope.) 

Quality products fromWatkins are sourced & crafted from the finest  sources for over 140 years.

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